Who We Are

Preferred Travel is a local hosting agency that offers training, marketing support, and much more, for the independent travel agents who are looking to be successful building their own brand identity. Our affiliates benefit from being a part of a larger group allowing them to earn meaningful commissions and overrides through the volume of the host as a whole, as well as networking with experienced travel professionals. Preferred Travel is different in that we are a regional host. Our affiliates will always be more than a name to us. Inexperienced agents benefit from the hand-holding and offering of full services to help them jump-start their business. Our seasoned agents quickly recognize the benefit of our longevity in the industry, established relationships with our preferred suppliers and exceptional travel management features.

Few independent travel agents have enough volume to generate more than base commissions. Becoming an affiliate of Preferred Travel allows you to maximize your profits by taking advantage of our affiliations with our preferred suppliers and consortiums.

Let us keep current with all of the industry and regulatory changes, so you can maximize your timewith your clients. You can increase your profits when you don’t have to deal with operational issues.

Preferred Travel is looking for enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ethical entrepreneurs to join our team of independent affiliates. Take advantage of the personal freedom gained from being your own boss, working from home, choosing your specialties and setting your own goals. Whether you are an experienced travel agent or someone looking to make a career change, Preferred Travel has a program for you.